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Output Voltage ~40kVp,~-40kVp
Output Peak ~40Ap
Pulse Width 1μs~10ms
Rise Time Less than 22ns~100us(Load 20nF)
Repeat Interval 30sMIN


Output Voltage(drawing-in) -3kVp
Output Voltage(pushing-out) 300Vp
Rise Time less than 100ns
Pulse Width 100-200μs
Repetition 1kHz
Load Capacitance less than 300pF


Charging Voltage 3.3kV
Output Voltage -20kVp
Output Current 1Ap
Pulse Width 3.5μs
Repetition 200Hz
Size 200mm(W)×100mm(D)×241mm(H)
Weight 2kg


Output Voltage -4kVp
Output Current 500Ap
Pulse width 4.0μs
Repetition 1kHz
Higher power is available by parallel operation.

Pulse shaping Solid-state Marx PS

Pulse shaping Solid-state Marx PS

CH2:Output Voltage 500V/div 200μs/div

Charging Voltage -600V
Output Voltage -3kVp
Output Current 20Ap
Marx stages 5
Pulse Width 1.5ms
Repetition 5Hz

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Please do not hesitate to consult us about prototyping prototypes related to generation and control of pulse power, technical support, joint research, etc.

Information on Technical Support / Collaborative ResearchInformation on Technical Support / Collaborative Research

Information on Technical Assistance

We are doing all technical support on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We provide the following technical services according to each stage of research plan.

  1. Conceptual design of power supply system
  2. Basic design of High Voltage Power Supply
  3. Detailed design of high voltage power supply
  4. Experimental prototype of high voltage power supply, evaluation test
  5. Miniaturized design optimized for structural combination with load
  6. Malfunction survey, measures (malfunction, noise, breakdown etc.)
  7. Performance improvement
  8. Experiment, data measurement
  9. Analysis, simulation (circuit calculation, intensity calculation, electromagnetic field calculation, heat conduction calculation, etc.)
  10. Other

Information on Joint Research

We will respond to collaborative research on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We will respond to the following joint research corresponding to each stage of the research plan.

  1. Development of power supply system
  2. Optimum structural design suitable for load
  3. Performance improvement
  4. Student guidance (electric circuit, electronic circuit, electromagnetism, CAD, circuit simulation,Experiments on electricity, electronics and high pressure etc)
  5. Part time lecturer (mentoring, guidance of graduation thesis and graduate research)
  6. Other

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Inquiries by e-mail are accepted 24 hours. For inquiries you received outside the reception hours, we will correspond after the next business day.

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