What is the Pulsed Power?

When you released the electrical energy during the very short time, you will be able to generate a very high pulsed power. For example, even if the miniature bulb of 1W is turned on for 1 second in darkness and it consumes the energy of 1J, the brightness is gloomy and not enough to take a photograph is not obtained. However, if the capacitor in a stroboscope is charged and the same energy of 1J is released to a short time of one hundred-thousandth second, electric power is generated at the moment very as high as one hundred-thousand watts, and sufficient dazzling light to photo the photographic subject 10 m ahead can be generated. Thus, by providing a very high power in very short time, we can achieve to get a special state that can not be in normal like strong light, strong electromagnetic waves high temperature, high density, strong electric field and strong magnetic field momentarily. We call this ultra-high instantaneous power pulsed power.

In familiar cases, the flash of the camera’s flash is dazzling enough to keep your eyes open. To emit that light continuously, a huge device and power equipment is required, but it only needs to fire for a short time required for shooting, so it fits within the palm of your hand and is working with dry batteries. In this way, by supplying extremely high electric power in a short time, it is possible to acquire instantaneously such as strong light, strong electromagnetic wave, high temperature, high density, strong electric field, strong magnetic field. A special environment can not be realized. These industrial applications are expected to spread rapidly from now on. It is expected that, as described above, many industrial applications using these spread further in the future.

About Pulsed Power TechnologyAbout Pulsed Power Technology

Industrial applications of pulsed power to spread more and more

With the development of Pulsed Power generation and control technology advanced, higher precision, higher efficiency, higher repetition, longer life span By advancing, industrial applications using Pulsed Power are expanding.

From academic research applications such as accelerators and nuclear fusion, it is used in a wide range of fields including environment, medical care, aterials, energy development.

  • Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light source for next-generation lithography
  • Generation of high intensity electromagnetic wave such as microwave, X-ray
  • Purification of harmful gas such as diesel exhaust gas
  • Sterilization, sterilization of food, medical equipment, water etc.
  • Medical applications such as cancer treatment and laser treatment
  • Membrane puncture or extinction in cell units
  • Rock crush
  • Ion implantation into semiconductor
  • Surface modification of materials, thin film production
  • Ultra strong magnetic field generation and its application
  • Fusion development
  • Production of ultrafine particle nanopowder
  • Decomposition of organic macromolecule, bacterial sterilization, bleached algae
  • Application of high energy accelerator, research of elementary particles
  • Ion implantation into semiconductor
  • Purification of harmful gas such as diesel exhaust gas
  • Sterilization, sterilization of food, medical equipment, water etc.
  • Purification of harmful gas such as diesel exhaust gas
  • Medical applications such as cancer treatment and laser treatment

Over 40 years experience & achievement in Pulsed Power Technology

First in japanComplete Pulsed Power Professional Companyworld highest levelHigh Voltage Pulsed enerator Supplier

  • The small size high-voltage pulse dpower supply,where a waveform does not vibrate with high impedance load,that use the semiconductor MARX circuit.
  • The abundant developments of high repetition high-voltage large current pulse generating.
  • The optimal circuit composition for a use is proposed out of a broad switch system,such as high-voltage semiconductor switches,high-speed magnetic switches,and semiconductor opening switches.

Research achievement

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Information on Technical Support / Collaborative ResearchInformation on Technical Support / Collaborative Research

Information on Technical Assistance

We are doing all technical support on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We provide the following technical services according to each stage of research plan.

  1. Conceptual design of power supply system
  2. Basic design of High Voltage Power Supply
  3. Detailed design of high voltage power supply
  4. Experimental prototype of high voltage power supply, evaluation test
  5. Miniaturized design optimized for structural combination with load
  6. Malfunction survey, measures (malfunction, noise, breakdown etc.)
  7. Performance improvement
  8. Experiment, data measurement
  9. Analysis, simulation (circuit calculation, intensity calculation, electromagnetic field calculation, heat conduction calculation, etc.)
  10. Other

Information on Joint Research

We will respond to collaborative research on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We will respond to the following joint research corresponding to each stage of the research plan.

  1. Development of power supply system
  2. Optimum structural design suitable for load
  3. Performance improvement
  4. Student guidance (electric circuit, electronic circuit, electromagnetism, CAD, circuit simulation,Experiments on electricity, electronics and high pressure etc)
  5. Part time lecturer (mentoring, guidance of graduation thesis and graduate research)
  6. Other

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