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    Confidential Information Management / Personal Information Protection

    "We will not disclose, disclose or disclose personal information or other confidential information we learned through business to third parties.

    We will only use personal information and other confidential information that we learned through business within the scope necessary for business execution."

    Confidential Information Management

    We will safely manage your data so that it will never leak, destroy or damage.

    In order to maintain confidentiality, we will develop and operate necessary and appropriate information security management measures, review them appropriately and continuously improve them.

    We will not conduct any acts that may not be transferred, disclosed, leaked, or otherwise hinder intellectual property preservation and confidentiality preservation, without prior permission, regarding confidential information that we knew or recognized during work engagement.

    Protection of personal information

    We will comply with relevant laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, including the law on the protection of personal information, and strive to protect personal information based on the following policy.

    Pulse Power Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd. acquires personal information by appropriate means. We also identify the purpose of use of personal information as much as possible, handle information only within the scope of business, except in cases where we got the consent of the client in advance or should be treated as an exception according to laws and regulations, There is no way to hand it over.

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    Please do not hesitate to consult us about prototyping prototypes related to generation and control of pulse power, technical support, joint research, etc.

    Information on Technical Support / Collaborative ResearchInformation on Technical Support / Collaborative Research

    Information on Technical Assistance

    We are doing all technical support on Pulsed Power generation and control.
    We provide the following technical services according to each stage of research plan.

    1. Conceptual design of power supply system
    2. Basic design of High Voltage Power Supply
    3. Detailed design of high voltage power supply
    4. Experimental prototype of high voltage power supply, evaluation test
    5. Miniaturized design optimized for structural combination with load
    6. Malfunction survey, measures (malfunction, noise, breakdown etc.)
    7. Performance improvement
    8. Experiment, data measurement
    9. Analysis, simulation (circuit calculation, intensity calculation, electromagnetic field calculation, heat conduction calculation, etc.)
    10. Other

    Information on Joint Research

    We will respond to collaborative research on Pulsed Power generation and control.
    We will respond to the following joint research corresponding to each stage of the research plan.

    1. Development of power supply system
    2. Optimum structural design suitable for load
    3. Performance improvement
    4. Student guidance (electric circuit, electronic circuit, electromagnetism, CAD, circuit simulation,Experiments on electricity, electronics and high pressure etc)
    5. Part time lecturer (mentoring, guidance of graduation thesis and graduate research)
    6. Other

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    Inquiries by e-mail are accepted 24 hours. For inquiries you received outside the reception hours, we will correspond after the next business day.

    Technical support for generation and control of Pulsed Power, prototype prototyping, collaborative research 61 Hashioka-cho,Kusatsu,Shiga 525-0065,Japan



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