Over 30 years experience & achievement in Pulsed Power Technology


“PPJ will support the development of the science and technology. Additionally, We will contribute to protect all of the global environment and enrich people’s livings by offering the technology with safety generation and control of the extreme situation; Pulsed Power.”

Corporate Principles

  • 1. We cooperate with research laboratories such as universities and national research institutes. We will systematically do the Maintenance, the development, and the succession of the pulsed power technology in our country.
  • 2. We always try to study, and to create new social needs in development and the improvement of the technology.
  • 3. We try to collect overseas technical intelligence, and always aim at the top technological level of the world.


“I studied with Professor Yui Professor at Nagaoka University of Technology graduate school and studied light ion beam inertial fusion research. After that he worked at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Organization, and after joining the electronics manufacturer, he delivered a number of highly developed products to many research institutions in Japan. I am deeply grateful to the fact that it has contributed somewhat to the development of science and technology in Japan.”

In 2006, we received the Minister of Education Science and Technology Awards Science and Technology Prize in collaboration with Professor Ken Takayama of the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization. In 2008 I was able to be involved in the development of important products affecting the performance of Japan’s core technology X – FEL.

In the future, we will specialize in cutting-edge Pulsed Power technology based on experience and achievement of high voltage / large current pulsed power supply design and manufacturing for 30 years, furthermore by providing technical service with excellent finish, further Japan I would like to continue to contribute to the development of science and technology.

In collaboration with universities and research laboratories engaged in research on Pulsed Power technology, we aim to become a central institution that systematically fulfills the maintenance, development and succession of Pulsed Power technology in Japan.

“Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory Ltd. President

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March 1979

Hakodate National College of Technology graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering

March 1981

Graduated from Nagaoka University of Technology Electrical and electronic systems engineering course Research theme is superconductivity engineering. Half years training at the JAERI nuclear fusion superconducting laboratory.

March 1983

Graduate school MSc in Nagaoka University of Technology Completed major in electronics engineering The research theme is an additional speed of light ion beam for inertial fusion

April 1983

Joined Nippon Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd. Assigned to the Kusatsu factory (now Nichicon Kusatsu Co., Ltd.)


We completed the domestic largest light ion beam generator for inertial fusion (Nagaoka University of Technology)


Completed super fast induction type accelerator for microwave free electron laser (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Inductive linear accelerator with fast response characteristics


Completion of X band modulator using magnetic switch and high speed pulse transformer (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)


Completion of perfect solidification for X band free electron laser Completion of high repetitive high voltage pulsed power supply (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)


Completed accelerating power supply for NBI using semiconductor switch (Osaka University)

7. Development of condenser drive power supply by high power semiconductor switch for high power ion source


Kicker power supply for KEK-B, abort kicker power supply completed (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)


Completed high voltage pulsed power supply for high repeatable high intensity electron beam generation


Succeeded in semiconductorization of kicker power supply for KEK-B (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) (Nagaoka University of Technology)


Completed high voltage solid state pulsed power supply for excimer laser


Completed high repetitive solid-state high voltage pulsed power supply for EUV (Nagaoka University of Technology)


High repetitive semiconductor switch for three-dimensional ion implantation High voltage pulsed power supply completed (RIKEN)

15. Formation of DLC film by three-dimensional ion implantation under high vacuum


Sealed C-band Modulator for SCSS Unit 1 completed (RIKEN)


Completed high-capacity, high-repetition 1 MHz high-voltage inverter power supply using FET switch (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award

Science and Technology Award


Completed 100 kHz high repetitive pulse quadrupole power supply using FET and SI thyristor (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)

March 2009

Retired from Nichicon Kusatsu Co., Ltd.

May 2009

Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory Ltd. established

Company Profile

Pulsed Power Japan laboratory ltd. (Abbr .: PPJ)
company name

Pulsed Power Japan laboratory ltd. (Abbr .: PPJ)


Friday, May 8, 2009


10 million yen (simple substance)

number of employees

10 people


The president Tokuchi Akira

  1. Technical assistance,measuring experimental products,and a joint research on pulsed power generation and control.
  2. Examination of specifications
  3. Examination of Schematic plan
  4. Design,Assembly,and Evaluation test for the experiment goods(products).
    (the most suitable miniaturized design to a structural combination with the load,etc.)
  5. Trouble shooting(Malfunction,Noise,Breakdown,etc)
  6. Performance improvement
  7. Experiment,measurement
  8. Analysis,Simulation
    (Circuit calculation,Strength calculation,Electromagnetic field computation,Heat conduction calculation,etc.)
  9. joint research
  10. guidance for the students
    (Electrical circuit,Electric circuit,Electromagnetism,CAD,Circuit simulation,Experiment concerning electricity,electron,and high pressure,etc)
  11. Part-time Lecturer
    (Guidance for Master’s thesis,Graduation thesis,Graduation research)
Head Office

9-11-36,Ogaki Ritto,Shiga 520-3024,Japan

Kusatsu Office

Techno Factory Shiga,Bldg.No.2,7-3-46,Noji-higashi,Kusatsu,Shiga 525-0058,Japan

電話番号 077-598-1470
FAX番号 077-598-1490

Access Map

consult us

Please do not hesitate to consult us about prototyping prototypes related to generation and control of pulse power, technical support, joint research, etc.

Information on Technical Support / Collaborative ResearchInformation on Technical Support / Collaborative Research

Information on Technical Assistance

We are doing all technical support on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We provide the following technical services according to each stage of research plan.

  1. Conceptual design of power supply system
  2. Basic design of High Voltage Power Supply
  3. Detailed design of high voltage power supply
  4. Experimental prototype of high voltage power supply, evaluation test
  5. Miniaturized design optimized for structural combination with load
  6. Malfunction survey, measures (malfunction, noise, breakdown etc.)
  7. Performance improvement
  8. Experiment, data measurement
  9. Analysis, simulation (circuit calculation, intensity calculation, electromagnetic field calculation, heat conduction calculation, etc.)
  10. Other

Information on Joint Research

We will respond to collaborative research on Pulsed Power generation and control.
We will respond to the following joint research corresponding to each stage of the research plan.

  1. Development of power supply system
  2. Optimum structural design suitable for load
  3. Performance improvement
  4. Student guidance (electric circuit, electronic circuit, electromagnetism, CAD, circuit simulation,Experiments on electricity, electronics and high pressure etc)
  5. Part time lecturer (mentoring, guidance of graduation thesis and graduate research)
  6. Other

Contact Us

Inquiries by e-mail are accepted 24 hours. For inquiries you received outside the reception hours, we will correspond after the next business day.

Technical support for generation and control of Pulsed Power, prototype prototyping, collaborative research Techno Factory Shiga, Bldg. No.2, 7-3-46,Noji-higashi,Kusatsu,Shiga, 525-0058,Japan



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